tARTget prize
tARTget prize


Express yourself on the canvas, where every stroke counts. More than €50.000 in prizes await your masterpiece.

Ateneo de Madrid

A competition with global impact

A window to the world of art. An exciting contest of all painters and all styles

TARTGET PAINTING PRIZE bursts onto the Internet to shine since its first edition as one of the most outstanding artistic competitions on the world scene. Painters from all corners of the planet are called to conquer one of the 18 cash prizes or the numerous awards for painting material, training or promotion. A broad representation of the 200 finalists will exhibit in Madrid.


Urban and Industrial Landscape

The action of man on the territory, as a consequence of the development of productive activities or consumption over time.

Natural and Outdoor Landscape

The poetry of the earth, written with mountains and rivers, on the eternal canvas of the landscape.

Animals and Wildlife

The melody of animal life, pets and wildlife intertwine in a dance of companionship and freedom.

Drawing and Illustration

The captivating art of drawing and illustration, where strokes and shadows dance in harmony, creating a visual universe.

Still Life and Everyday Objects

The silent poetry of still life and everyday objects, where light embraces details and forms, transforming the ordinary into a work of art that celebrates the hidden beauty in the commonplace.

Figure and Portrait

The lively expression of the figurative, where lines and nuances bring the essence of the human form to life.

Fantasy and Imaginative

The magical realm of fantasy, where vibrant colors and whimsical forms intertwine in a charming dance. Each work is a portal to extraordinary worlds.

conceptual and collage

The avant-garde expression of the contemporary and the art of collage, exploring the fusion of styles and materials on a canvas that defies conventions and celebrates creativity in constant evolution.


The fascinating exploration of abstraction, creative freedom, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a universe of personal and emotional interpretation. An artistic language that challenges reality.

Young painters

Freshness and passion, architects of innovative visual worlds, strokes overflowing with creative energy, exploring new perspectives, and challenging conventions.

Cash prizes and prestige

Gold Tartget

Best in show


Gold Tartget


Best in show


Gold Tartget

Second place



Third place



Special prize


Fusion Prize





Acquisition Fund


TARTGET PAINTING PRIZE’s sponsoring brands will grant additional awards to the finalist works. In total, there will be at least 10,000 euros.

Summer Art Residency at Barcelona Academy of Art

More than 50 prizes in artistic materials, training, and promotion

Oportunity to exhibit in Madrid

An international jury will select the 200 finalist paintings. All of them will be included in the virtual gallery, and around fifty will be chosen for the physical exhibition in Madrid, in the art’s Golden Mile, in the Landscape of Light where the Prado Museum shines. It will take place from June 5 to 12, 2025, at the impressive Ateneo de Madrid.

The main Tartget

Our purpose is to foster the rich and diverse ongoing contemporary art at an international level and to boost the careers of artists by giving them a platform for the exposure of their work, as well as a sound reference to add to their artistic career.

Hand painting colours

Success and diffusion guaranteed

Tartget’s communication and marketing team will promote each registered painting and its author on social networks. The finalists will be featured in the exhibition catalogue and will be forever on this website.

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tARTget prize
Ateneo de Madrid


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